Watchman TechnologiesSM

Everyone Is At Risk - Whether They Know It or Not

Internet Watchmansm provides searching the internet utilizing “bots” to locate the illegal use of Personal Identifiable Information to commit fraud.  Protect your employees and clients with preventive measures.  Call for a Quote!

Document Watchmansm is our restoration service which provides you with the peace of mind that the hassle of identity theft will be born by our Specialists.  We will do all the repair work for you that the law will allow.  We make reality of loss go away.  Call for a Quote!

Data Watchmansm is our service that provides the ability to analyze a persons data with the credit bureaus to determine whether changes are being made that may not be the individual but a thief.  Changes are then sent to the individual for verification.  Call for a Quote and detail of the service.

WATCHMAN TECHNOLOGIESsm is a complete Group of Services that assist in Monitoring public and non-public data bases and the Internet searching for an individuals personal data or changes to that data.  These services combined with ability to repair an identity after it has been damaged by identity theft allow great corporate flexibility.

This flexibility can be used in a group to comply with the Federal FACT Act.  Organizational compliance with the U.S. Government by protecting your employees from Identity Theft and Fraud.

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